ENTRY INFO FOR 2022 Entry Info

Top Finishers

Congratulations to the racers listed below - you've earned a spot in the 2022 Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom thanks to your stellar finish in the 2020 LBS!

In order to claim your spot you must complete the online registration and pay the entry fee by the deadline. If you don’t, your spot will be given away to another lucky racer. You will receive an email on Nov. 1, 2021 with instructions on how to register. If you do not receive the email, please contact us immediately. If you can’t race in 2022 or wish to roll your spot over to 2023 please let us know, but you may not give your spot away to another racer.

Top Finishers 2022 LBS entry begins: Nov. 1, 2021
Top Finishers 2022 LBS entry deadline: Nov. 30, 2021

Amish, Timothy Older Amateurs 22 Bozeman, MT
Anderson, Billy Pro Masters 42 Mammoth Lakes, CA
Anderson, Spencer Next Gen Girls 11 Mammoth Lakes, CA
Bork, Janessa Women Masters 34 Bend, OR
Bourgault, Thomas Mid Masters 41 Bidart, FRA
Bowen, Emma Women Amateurs 28 Ballard, WA
Bowlin, Chris Mid Masters 40 Bellingham, WA
Brusven, Jeffrey Mid Masters 44 Laguna Beach, CA
Burke, Bonnie Women Amateurs 25 Bellingham, WA
Burt, Tom Pro Legends 55 Kings Beach, CA
Contreras, Che Masters 34 Bellingham, WA
Coralline, Christopher Masters 37 forks/la push, WA
Crepel, Mathieu Pro Men 35 bidart, FRA
Cummins, Cannon Junior Boys 15 Sequim, WA
Cummins, Mike Grand Masters 50 Olympia, WA
Dabbeni, Paolo Pro Legends 51 Portland, OR
Dallaire, Felix Pro Men 27 Squamish, BC
Dirksen, Fabienne Pro Women Masters 40 Oberrieden, CHE
Faircloth, David Masters 30 Westfield, MA
Fawcett, Mark Pro Masters 48 Nelson, BC
Ferris, Dustin Mid Masters 43 Kelowna, BC
Freyer, Shawn Masters 35 Deming, WA
Hawkins, Henry Next Gen Boys 11 Salt Lake City, UT
Haynes, Adam Mid Masters 42 Bend, OR
Hebert, Audrey Pro Women 31 Banff, AB
Hickman, Bobby Mid Masters 43 Hyder, AK
Hight, Elena Pro Women 30 Lake Tahoe, CA
Holton, Seth Mid Masters 40 Glacier, WA
Hoss, Kari Women Masters 33 Glacier, WA
Hudson, Rafe Next Gen Boys 11 Whistler, BC
Huggin, Kai Younger Amateurs 16 Bend, OR
Hughes, Jarryd Pro Men 23 Sydney, AUS
Hughes, Matt Masters 36 Boise, ID
Imhof, Murielle Pro Women Masters 41 Grindelwald, CHE
Imhof, Pascal Pro Masters 44 Grindelwald, CHE
Jeffery-Barlia, Karleen Pro Women 46 Mürren, CHE
Jones, Jen Women MidGrands 48 Glacier, WA
Kannon, Jason Pro Legends 51 Telluride, CO
Kearney, Hagen Pro Men 28 Norwood, CO
Kearney, Harry Pro Men 26 Telluride, CO
Kennedy, Hank Older Amateurs 21 Glacier, WA
Kewin, Nate Masters 35 North Vancouver, BC
Knoll, Hunter Older Amateurs 27 Hood River, OR
Knox, Jade Next Gen Girls 11 Snoqualmie Pass, WA
Kromer, Todd Older Amateurs 25 Glacier, WA
Lauderdale, Rosanne Women MidGrands 45 Glacier, WA
Luzier, Chris Masters 34 Bend, OR
MacDonald, Ry Older Amateurs 27 Lummi Island, WA
Makepiece, Wes Pro Masters 47 , BC
Malkoski, Mac Younger Amateurs 16 Seattle, WA
Malkoski, Milo Younger Amateurs 19 Seattle, WA
Mowat, Kea Women Masters 33 Vancouver, BC
Muraoka, Zenta Junior Boys 14 Tokyo, JPN
Newbury, Craig Masters 37 Glacier, WA
Ookoba, Yumi Pro Women 20 Toyota, JPN
Pashley, Alex Mid Masters 40 Steamboat Springs, CO
Pelchat, Amalia Junior Girls 12 Whistler, BC
Pensiero, Estelle Women Amateurs 16 nelson, BC
Pugliese, Alex Women Masters 30 South Londonderry, VT
Raney, Madrona Junior Girls 14 Bainbridge Island, WA
Ricker, Maelle Pro Women 41 Pemberton, BC
Rose, Zeia Junior Girls 14 Mammoth Lakes, CA
Roy, Marie-France Pro Women 35 Whistler, BC
Scanlon, Dan Masters 33 Glacier, WA
Schallner, Svenja Women Amateurs 25 Gortipohl, AUT
Shelly, Samantha Next Gen Girls 10 Whistler, BC
Smith, Austin Pro Men 42 Vail Backbowls, CO
Smith, Pierce Pro Men 31 Whistler, BC
Snyder, Tommy Older Amateurs 28 Bozeman, MT
Sorenson, Chauncey Mid Masters 40 Juneau, AK
Ståhlkloo, Pontus Pro Masters 46 Sollerön, SWE
Stanley, Paul Older Amateurs 27 Issaquah, WA
Steere, Milo Next Gen Boys 11 Seattle, WA
Taussig, Timmy Older Amateurs 27 Mamaroneck, NY
Tippie, Brett Grand Masters 51 North Vancouver, BC
Tremblay, Mark Pro Men 27 Chicoutimi/Whistler, QC
Trippe, Sam Masters 30 Traverse City, MI
Vinter, Peter Mid Masters 47 Gesunda, SWE
Wall, Garry Grand Masters 51 Jan Juc, AUS
Watanabe, Graham Pro Men 37 Salt Lake City, UT
Wescott, Seth Pro Men 43 Carrabassett, ME
West, Chet Junior Boys 14 Fox Island, WA
Winn, Andrew Mid Masters 40 Bow, WA
Wray, Dave Grand Masters 53 Portland, OR
Yamada, Marni Pro Women Masters 41 Seattle, WA
Zander, Christine Women MidGrands 51 Glacier, WA
Ziels, Ryan Masters 31 Bellingham, WA