2024 LBS re-scheduled to 2025 details here

Top Finishers

Congratulations to the racers listed below - you've earned a spot in the 2024 Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom thanks to your stellar finish in the 2023 LBS!

You will receive an email this summer with instructions on how to claim your spot in the 2024 Legendary Banked Slalom. If you don’t see an email by September 1st, please contact us at [email protected]

Amish, TimothyAmatuer Men
Anderson, DustinMid Masters Men
Avallone , NoahJunior Boys
Barrett, JoshGrand Masters Men
Bengtson, AnnaMid Masters Women
Bork, JanessaMasters Women
Bowlin, ChrisMid Masters Men
Campos, CoraJunior Girls
Campos, ShinPro Legends Men
Contreras, CheMasters Men
Cooper, CashJunior Boys
Coralline, ChristopherMid Masters Men
Cossettini, MargueritePro Legends Women
Critchlow, TessPro Women
Crompton, MaggieAmateur Women
Cummins, BarrettPro Legends Women
Davies jr, LornMid Masters Men
Deister, JaimeeMasters Women
Dirksen, AlanaNext Gen Girls
Diubaldo, CharlesMasters Men
Edgar, LukeSuper Masters Men
Faircloth, DavidMasters Men
Fawcett, MarkPro Legends Men
Ferguson, BenPro Men
Gallagher, TimGrand Masters Men
Haley, AliyaNext Gen Girls
Hattrup, MikeSuper Masters Men
Haugen, RandySuper Masters Men
Haynes, AdamMid Masters Men
Hebert, AudreyPro Women
Hight, ElenaPro Women
Hoss, KariMasters Women
Jacobs, OwenNext Gen Boys
Johnson, OliverNext Gen Boys
Jones, JenGrand Masters Women
Josey, ChasePro Men
Kannon, JasonPro Legends Men
Kearney, HagenPro Men
Kearney, HarryPro Men
Knox, JadeJunior Girls
Kosglow, LisaPro Masters Women
Kromer, ToddAmatuer Men
Lehn, JavasPro Masters Men
Lightner, RachelAmateur Women
Limberg, BlaineMasters Men
Ling, KanonNext Gen Boys
Malkoski, MiloAmatuer Men
Matteson, ChaseMasters Men
Newbury, CraigMasters Men
Palumbo, Amy JoMid Masters Women
Pelchat, Jean-FrancoisPro Legends Men
Pelchat, JulietteAmateur Women
Pensiero, EstelleAmateur Women
Pitaoulis, KerilynMid Masters Women
Power, TiptonMid Masters Men
Putnam, KianaPro Masters Women
Rosen , Josh Pro Masters Men
Roy, Marie-FrancePro Women
Saxon, CoreyGrand Masters Women
Scarfi, MichaelMasters Men
Sharpe, DarcyPro Men
Shelly, AnthonyJunior Boys
Simmons, AveryJunior Girls
Simmons, WeegPro Legends Women
Sims, TrevinAmatuer Men
Sorenson, Chauncey Mid Masters Men
Staahlkloo, PontusPro Masters Men
Stanley, PaulMasters Men
Steere, NigelMid Masters Men
Sweetin, AustenPro Men
Vernon, ZoƫMasters Women
Vinter, PeterGrand Masters Men
Watanabe, GrahamPro Men
Weisser, TimGrand Masters Men
West, ChetAmatuer Men
Winn, AndrewMid Masters Men
Winn, RavenMid Masters Women
Yamada, MarniPro Masters Women
Zander, ChristineGrand Masters Women
Ziels, RyanMasters Men
Zwiebel, BarrettNext Gen Girls