2024 LBS re-scheduled to 2025 details here

2024 Modified Locals & Next Gen Qualifier

With the postponement of the Legendary Banked Slalom to 2025, the Locals+ Qualifier will be modified this year.

Racers who Qualified in the 2023 Locals Qualifier for the 2024 LBS will carry their spots over to the 2025 LBS. So, with the exception of the Next Gen categories, this year's Locals race will not be a traditional "qualifier" but will be a fun event where you can shred the banks with your friends and have a chance to win some fun prizes.

DATES: Saturday & Sunday March 16 & 17

LOCATION: Dependent on conditions. If the last week of February turns into the banger snowstorm that forecasts are calling for, we could have the course in the Natural Halfpipe. If that snow doesn’t materialize, we are looking at the OG Banked Slalom course at the top of the Chute. That course is a fun one and the same experience level, maybe even a little easier, than the Natural Halfpipe. The exit, however, is through Black Diamond terrain and might involve hiking out for younger and/or less experienced racers. We will update the location info as weather develops over the next few weeks.
Location update Feb. 26 from Gwyn: Hi Locals Racers-
I took a run through the Natural Halfpipe on Sunday and it’s looking good for the upcoming Locals Event ! So far I’m planning on setting it similar to last year with a start that’s a bit lower than the Legendary course and ends on upper Nose Dive. Will keep you posted if conditions warrant any changes but so far so good, this new snow is a real help !

RACE FORMAT: Racers will race on just one day – either Saturday or Sunday. Each racer will get 2 runs, placing will be determined by the best of your 2 runs.

CATEGORIES: With the modified format this year, we are simplifying the Snowboard categories. And we also thought it would be a good chance for our local skiers to get in on the Banked action … this is a unique, one-time opportunity for you Baker skiers to shred the same course as your boarder friends! The skier categories will be capped to ensure there are at least the same number of spots available to local snowboarders as previous years.

QUALIFYING FOR 2025 LBS: Because all of the racers with spots in the 2024 LBS are carrying over their spots to 2025, the 2025 LBS is full. To keep the spirit of the Locals Qualifier alive, we will be qualifying the 1 fastest racer (who does not yet have a spot in the 2025 LBS) in each of the snowboard categories below:

For the Next Gen, we are taking the top 3 because most of those categories aged up into the Juniors category for 2025, and we don’t have enough racers to make a category.

2024 Modified Locals & Next Gen Qualifier

FOR 2025 LBS
SnowboardMale13 & up1Yes
SnowboardFemale13 & up1Yes
Gender Non-Conforming**
all ages1Yes
Para-snowboardOpenall ages1No - open to racers worldwide
SnowskateOpenall ages0Yes
Next Gen Boys
Male8 - 12
age is determined by how old racer will be on Feb. 7, 2025
3No - open to racers worldwide
Next Gen Girls
Female8 - 12
age is determined by how old racer will be on Feb. 7, 2025
3No - open to racers worldwide
SkierFemaleall ages0Yes
SkierMaleall ages0Yes
Gender Non-Conforming
all ages0Yes

*Local Eligibility:
a) Have a valid 2023-24 Mt. Baker Season Pass (must upload a photo of pass for proof during registration process)
b) Do not have a pass, but currently live and have ID with an address in Whatcom County, Skagit County, San Juan County and Island County, or in the Langley, Abbotsford, Chilliwack or White Rock areas. (must upload a photo of current Driver’s License for proof)

**Non-Binary/Gender Non-Conforming Category:
The gender non-conforming/Non binary category is for those racers who identify as neither male or female and/or for racers whose gender identity varies from the sex registered for them at birth. Please honor this recently added category and support the community of racers for whom it is intended by entering the category that is true to your gender identity.

Registration this year will be online and will require an upload of an image of either your current Mt. Baker Season Pass or ID for proof.
Get your image ready NOW, and have it ready to upload on Feb. 24: max file size 5mb, file format: jpg

Next Generation Details
Registration for these categories is open to anyone worldwide. Local Status is NOT required.
Qualification for 2025 LBS: the top 3 placers in the Next Gen Girls and in the Next Gen boys will qualify for the 2025 LBS.
Age is determined by how old the racer will be on February 7, 2025 (the first day of the 2025 LBS)


Begins Saturday Feb. 24 at 7:00 a.m., continues until March 6 or total cap is reached, whichever comes first.
– Registration is first-come, first serve for all categories except Next Gen. There will be a cap on the Skier categories, and an overall cap for total number of racers.
– Registration is online ONLY. Be prepared Saturday Feb. 24 with your proof of Local Status .jpg file to upload, a good internet connection, and a Visa/MC/PayPal account to pay the entry fee!