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At the first Mt. Baker Banked Slalom in 1985 there were a grand total of 19 finishers. The entry ranks have swelled a wee bit since then, to the point where we had to switch from a first-come, first-serve entry method to a more complicated system in the 2000’s. We’ve refined it over the years, trying to accommodate people from all aspects of snowboarding; amateurs, pro’s, sponsors, young, old, riders from around the world and the locals from our home mountain. On a normal year, we can run approximately 385 racers on the course each day (daylight and snow conditions are the main factors in this) and we have devised several different entry methods in the hopes that everyone who wants to race can get a chance to come ride in the Legendary Banked Slalom some day!

There are 7 ways to enter the 2024 Legendary Banked Slalom


We reserve spots for approx. 25% of the top finishers in each category from the previous year. Top Finishers must complete their registration (including entry fee payment) by the posted deadline or their spot will be given away to another lucky racer. Click the link below to see the Top Finishers from 2023.

CLICK HERE for 2023 Top Finishers list


Approximately 50 spots are given to qualifying racers in the Locals+ Qualifier. This year, the Qualifier will be held on March 18 & 19, 2023 to qualify racers for the 2024 LBS.

There are 2 different types of entrants for the Locals+ Qualifier:
#1: Locals Qualifier entrants
Categories: Amateur, Masters, Mid Masters and Grand Masters between the ages of 16 – 59 (age is determined by how old you will be on February 9, 2024), racing in a male or female category and fit the Local Eligibility requirements.

#2: Next Generation, Juniors, Super Masters, Gender Non-Conforming / Non-Binary & Para-Snowboard Qualifier entrants. Registration for these categories is open to anyone worldwide…Local Status is NOT required.

For details on eligibility requirements for different categories and on how to enter, go to the Locals Qualifer Entry page.


This year, 70 spots will be given away in a lottery for racers ages 13+ (age is based on how old you will be on Feb. 9, 2024). You may enter your name for the Lottery between Oct. 15 – 31, and the Lottery drawing will be held on Nov. 1st.


We are stoked to see the stoke of the Banked Slalom spreading around the world; you can now find other Banked Slalom races in most of the snowy parts of the US, Europe, Scandinavia and even Japan! If you live far away from Baker and don’t make it in through the Lottery, check out these other great races for an awesome Banked Slalom experience and possibly a chance to win a spot in the Legendary Banked Slalom. Not every Banked Slalom is a Qualifier and the number of LBS spots available to win is limited. Check with your local Banked Slalom for details.


In appreciation for supporting the Legendary Banked Slalom and, well, making it happen, we give spots to the sponsors of the LBS. The number of spots given depends on the level of sponsorship, and the total quantity of spots varies from year to year. For information on sponsorship opportunities contact [email protected]


In the Banked Slalom, as in life, things happen. So we reserve some spots to divy out as necessary – to LBS racers who couldn’t race due to injuries the previous year, to charity events, logistical errors, etc.