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This year, 40 spots for the 2023 Legendary Banked Slalom will be given away in a lottery for racers ages 13+ (age is based on how old you will be on Feb. 3, 2023).

Oct. 15 – Lottery Entry Starts
Oct. 31 – Lottery Entry Ends
Nov. 1 – Names will be drawn
Nov. 2 – Lottery Winners will be posted here
Nov. 2 – Registration emails will be sent to Lottery Winners

• ONE (1) entry per person. Entering more than once (including entries with spelling variations or under another name) will result in disqualification from the Lottery and/or possible permanent ban.
• New this year; there will be a designated number of Lottery spots available for each category.
• Entries are weighted by the number of times a person has attempted to enter the LBS and not gotten in. The more times you’ve entered and not gotten in, the better the chance of your name being drawn. Be truthful when submitting the years you have entered the Lottery and which years you have or have not raced . . . we will do random checks for accuracy and inconsistencies will result in DQ from the Lottery, and some very bad LBS karma.

• All Lottery winners must complete the online race registration (including paying the entry fee) by Nov. 15, or their spot will be forfeited to another racer.
• Lottery winners may NOT give their spots away to another racer. If a winner decides to not race, their spot will be given to a racer on our official waiting list.

Lottery Entry is now closed