35th LBS postponed to 2022

In the 35 years since the first Mt. Baker Banked Slalom we’ve experienced some unusual conditions; 100-mph winds and banners flying like kites through the air, sliding like seals in our rain gear through giant puddles in the White Salmon parking lot, a week long road closure due to falling trees on the highway, piles and piles of powder, and so many other crazy, fun, frustrating, sometimes challenging situations.
This pandemic is a new one.  We have been reassessing and adjusting our plans, just as everyone around the world is doing these days. While the Legendary Banked Slalom is a race, it is also a gathering of people; racers, friends, industry folks and spectators from the foothills of Mt. Baker and all around North America and other far-flung spots of the globe. The current Washington State guidelines for COVID-19 regarding special events would make it virtually impossible to have a racer hospitality tent, the salmon BBQ, the awards ceremony as it's been done in the past, or more than 50 people in the start area at any time.  International travel is also not advisable and is currently restricted between some places.  While the guidelines could change between now and February, the Banked Slalom requires an incredible amount of pre-planning (starting in August for many of us) not just for our race crew, but for the racers themselves, the sponsors and industry folks that travel to make the Banked Slalom a truly special gathering. 
After looking at all these factors, we have decided to postpone the 35th Legendary Banked Slalom.  The next official Mt. Baker Legendary Banked Slalom will be held in February 2022. We cannot express how much we will miss seeing the smiles, great vibes and awesome riding of our snowboarding friends at the LBS.  We hope everyone has a safe and snowy winter, and we look forward to seeing you in the start shack next next winter!
  • Top Finishers and other racers with guaranteed spots in the 2021 LBS will carry over to the 2022 LBS
  • Locals Qualifier for the 2022 LBS will take place in January 2022 Full Details

Photo: Kevin T. McHugh