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Event Sponsorship

The Mt. Baker Banked Slalom began as a simple gate race challenge at Baker to beat the late great snowboard icon Tom Sims in 1985. The race course quickly turned into the proving ground for snowboarding’s most elite riders and the event achieved legendary status within the snowboard community. With multiple ways of entry from The Lottery to winning other banked slaloms, the Legendary Banked Slalom remains accessible to competitors of every ability level. The added bonus of visiting Mt. Baker Ski Area makes for an unrivaled destination for riders and spectators alike.

A trip to Mt. Baker and the Legendary Banked Slalom has become a pilgrimage within the snowboard industry and continues to rank at the top of every snowboarders’ bucket list. Over the years, the Legendary Banked Slalom has inspired countless other snowboard races across the globe and continues to lead the field as the longest running and most prestigious homegrown snowboard event in the world.

What makes the LBS the best race in snowboarding is the support from core snowboard brands and local companies that contribute to our community here at Mt. Baker Ski Area. These companies commit their time, energy and love year after year. Often our sponsors are as eager to strap in and race as everyone else. Many of them can be seen in the start gate eyes, focused on achieving the dream of taking home a Duct Tape Trophy. If sponsorship sounds right for you, we are offering 4 levels of involvement scaled to meet various sized budgets for the 36th running of the Legendary Banked Slalom.

For information on 36th LBS sponsorship, please email [email protected].