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LBS Art Archive

LBS Artists

Sarah King

Sarah King is an artist who weaves her art through snowboarding, surfing, and west coast adventuring. She grew up in London, England and studied graphic design in Brighton on the south coast. In 2011 Sarah moved to British Columbia in search of snow and the giant pacific octopus. It was also the year she started working on artwork for GNU. Working alongside Barrett Christy she has illustrated almost 20 pro model boards for Jamie Anderson.

Ryan Davis

Ryan Davis grew up in Oak Harbor Washington and is a self taught creator inspired by many of the great NW snowboarder artists Ryan has elevated his childhood doodles into fine art that has graced snowboards and skis for many years. His passion for snowboarding, artistic talent, absolute commitment and love for Mt. Baker and all the magical history that go with it make his selection as a Banked Slalom artist an authentic dream come true.

Ami Voutilainen

Originally from Finland, snowboarding brought Ami Voutilainen around the world to where he eventually landed in the PNW 16 years ago. As a child he grew up drawing and recreating logos and album covers from bands like Maiden, Black Sabbath, and Dio, which later developed into a dedication for lettering and illustration. Ami draws inspiration from monsters, music, nature, and people, and often draws and paints in the bare contrast of only black and white.

Canadian artist Vanessa ‘Nes’ Stark was born during a mid-winter snowstorm on British Columbia’s West Coast. She followed her love of snowboarding and moved to Whistler B.C. at 17. Her life has been shaped by her passion for snowboarding, nature and life in the mountains. Her work reveals a strong, unique style that organically reflects her life’s passions. The arts have been a natural force in Nes’ life from the beginning.

Forest Bailey

Forest Bailey is the true definition of an old soul. His skateboarding has pushed the boundary of what can be done in the streets while his mountain skills and board control puts him up with snowboarding’s elite. Forest has been pushing, developing and crafting his artwork for years creating a style that is true to himself. Whether he’s on a skateboard, snowboard or sitting in front of a blank canvas Forest lets his humble roots shine through, always capturing the true essence of any scenario.

Jamie Lynn

Jamie's a true inspiration. His iconic snowboarding + artwork influences thousands of people all over the world with an unmistakable STYLE that's powerfully smooth + HEAVY like the snow that falls here in the Great NorthWest + its music that rattles our brains. Drawing, carving, painting, skateboarding, surfing + snowboarding have become extensions to into his dimension where gravity, speed-limits and society seemingly cease to exist.

Rob Kingwill

Rob Kingwill is a snowboarder, photographer and artist from Jackson Hole, Wyoming who has been riding since 1987. He has had a long career as a pro-rider and has several titles to his credit, including being the 1998 US Open halfpipe champion. Rob has done art for several companies in the snowboard industry including Arbor, Compatriot, and his accessories company AVALON7. He considers being asked to do the art for the LBS poster as one of the greatest honors in his artistic career.

Mike Ennen

Mike Ennen, Bellingham native and pro wakeboarder & artist, had the pleasure of creating the art for the 28th Legendary Banked Slalom. Mt.. Baker is a very special place to Mike, having been part of his life since the day he was born. Growing up, Mikey was at Mt. Baker living in a Motorhome with his brothers and family while his dad was on ski patrol and started skiing at 9 month old. Past work in the Snowboard Industry includes Jeremy Jones Snowboard Graphics & O’neill Snowboard Outerwear.