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Craig Kelly Award

2020 Patrick “The Sarge” McCarthy

2019 Kelly Jo Legaz

The 2019 CK Award went to Kelly Jo Legaz, long time Mt. Baker local and one of the earliest pro women snowboarders in the country. She helped then husband Craig Kelly found the World Snowboard Camp and ran and operated the camp for the duration of its existence providing a world class training facility for many athletes and later she served as a mountain host for Mt. Baker for many years. Kelly Jo's laugh and smile are as much a part of Mt. Baker as the ravens and snow.

2018 Jason “Bas” Basarich

From Mt. Vernon, WA, Jason led the vanguard of Mt. Baker snowboarders in the late 80's and early 1990's. He and friends formed the core of a rider gang known as the "Oi Boys" with a signature low and powerful stance that redefined snowboarding at Mt. Baker. In his time as a pro rider, Bas' Gnu pro-model was a ubiquitous Baker board and he went on to launch his own snowboard manufacturing company, Damage, Inc. Today, Bas remains one of the most respected rider on the hill.

2017 John Logic

John Logic opened one of the first snowboard retail shops, The Snowboard Connection, in Seattle in the late 1980s. For over 25 years, SnoCon served as an epicenter for NW snowboarders, sponsoring the Banked Slalom for decades as well as supporting riders like Dan Donnelly, Tex Davenport, Matt Goodwill and other legends.

2016 Mike “Tex” Davenport

Tex first moved to Mt. Baker in the early 1990s, fresh out of the Navy and never having snowboarded, but with a deep desire to dive in. He took a job as a cook in the Heather Meadows Lodge and within a couple of seasons won the first ever World Extreme Snowboard Championship in AK. From his legendary Tex Games to time spent as a mountain host, Tex has been a solid and inspiring emissary for Mt. Baker.

2014 The DeBari Family

2013 Jamie Lynn

2012 Jeff Fulton

2011 Carter Turk

2010 Dan Donnelly

2009 Marcella Dobis

2008 The Howat Family

2007 The Cummins Family

2006 Bob Barci

2004 Mike Olson & Pete Saari

2003 Jeff Galbraith