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Locals+ Qualifier Race Rules


Each racer gets two runs. Places will be determined by the best time of the two runs.

NOTE: For the second run, times will NOT be posted, only DQ’s. It is your responsibility to check the board for DQ’s whether you think you DQ’ed or not and notify the race director within 30 minutes of your run or 15 minutes of the last racer regarding any DQ question – after this time there will be no provision for protest.


All categories will qualify a certain number of racers for the 2024 Legendary Banked Slalom. The number of places that qualify for the 2024 LBS in each category depends on the total number of racers in each category. We will take a percentage from each category, adding up to a total of approximately 45 spots for the LBS.

Racers who qualify for the 2024 LBS MUST complete the LBS registration form AND pay entry fee by September 1, 2023. If your registration is not complete by this date, you will lose your spot in the 2024 LBS. Registration info and link will be sent to qualifying racers by April 15, 2023.


1. The race will be conducted by the race officials, whose decisions are final. There is no provision for appeals after a final decision. You have 30 minutes after your run, OR 15 minutes after the last racer each day (whichever comes first) to take issue with the race director regarding any timing or DQ questions.

2. The rider should be in the “start area” five minutes before his/her run.

3. The start procedure consists of all racers beginning from a
“Start Shack” which will be indicated as such. The rider and the snowboard must be inside the perimeter of the “Start Shack” prior to the beginning of the run. Violation of this rule will result in immediate disqualification.

4. The rider must be on his/her board when crossing the finish line. Failure to do so will result in disqualification.

5. The rider must pass through timing eye at the finish line. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. Timing eye is located 6 to 20 inches off the ground depending on terrain. In other words, don’t ollie over the finish!

6. Disqualification will also result if:

A. Improper start:
1. Leaving the start shack before signaled.
2. Not being inside the start shack at time of the start signal.

B. Missing any gate. You must go between innermost bamboo gates in the race order. Any questions just ask.

C. Unsports-like conduct (You know what that means…)

D. By obstructing other racers during the contest or tripping the finish line at any other time than your run.

E. Any violation of any of our Mountain Policies, Rules, & Laws.

F. Attempting to race while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

G. Reckless behavior or disregard for the safety of others while at the ski area.

H. Filming any time you are on course (pre-run or race) with any device (GoPro, iPhone, etc)

7. Your time will be posted at the finish shack as quickly as possible. Please do not pester the finish shack, as they work very hard to get you accurate times as soon as possible.

8. Go fast!

Any race rules or info changes will be posted at the start area.