The 2021 Locals & Legends Banked Slalom (LLBS)
We are are planning on holding a modified/hybrid Locals Qualifier Feb. 5-6-7, 2021*.

*Dependent on WA state COVID-19 guidelines at the time of the event.

A hybrid of the Locals Qualifier and LBS, modified to comply with COVID-19 guidelines and protect the safety of racers, Mt. Baker crew and other customers.
  • Racers who are already registered for the 2021 Locals Qualifier (registration was this past spring and is closed - there will be no additional registration)
  • Top Finishers from the 2020 LBS.
*CLICK HERE to see list of racers registered for the 2021 LLBS.   Racers will receive an email with race details.
Course:  At this point we are planning on having the course in the Natural Halfpipe for both Qualifying runs and Finals.
Racers:  Locals and Top Finishers will race against each other, but see below for specifics on who gets qualifying spots.
Awards:  No material prizes, just qualifying spots (see below) for the 2022 Legendary Banked Slalom! 
This is going to be a stripped-down, race-focused event.  No hospitality tent, BBQ, awards, etc.  Just an awesome course and some good old-fashioned racing!
Locals Racers:  qualification spots for the 2022 LBS for the Locals entrants will follow the usual format; a minimum of 35 spots will be given to the top Local finishers, divided proportionally among categories according to the number of entrants in each category.  Top placing racers who entered with a Top Finishers spot will be removed from the calculations.  (i.e. if Older Ams category has 4 qualifying spots available, and the 2nd place finisher in Older Ams is a 2020 Top Finisher, we would take 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th place for spots in the 2022 LBS)
Top Finishers Racers:  those who enter the LLBS with a Top Finisher spot from the 2020 LBS will still be guaranteed a spot in the 2022 LBS, no matter their placing in the LLBS.  You are also not required to race in the LLBS - it’s just a bonus!
More details will be posted as we begin the season.  Bear in mind that conditions and guidelines may change through the season, and the race format, or the race itself, may be changed at any point.


Whitehead Art

2021 LLBS Artwork by Evan Whitehead